Forensics and Collection

Best-in-class forensics and collection.

We choose only the industry leading and most reputable of computer forensic firms strategically located throughout North America to ensure our clients are provided with world-class services to efficiently and effectively identify, preserve, retrieve, and analyze electronic information in support of a forensic investigations or ongoing litigations.

Our team helps you chart the process for and scope of collection, accounting for case needs and involved custodians when developing the comprehensive collection plan. Our cutting-edge forensics technology can extract data from any necessary device, ranging from hard data (emails, documents, server files) to access data (damaged or deleted files, file fragments, slack space, etc).

Smart consulting and metadata searching at this stage can help give an early assessment of case scope, including timeframe, costs and requirements. All collected data is logged, bar-coded and stored in fireproof vaults, with chain of custody maintained throughout the life of the data.

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