iDiscover Processing Software

The data you need, when you need it.

We built our proprietary processing technology, to be fast, flexible and fastidious, allowing us to process any size of data at any level of complexity in as little as 24 hours, delivering dependable data in whatever format you need.

Years of experience in high-volume, mission-critical data processing has taught us that speed, accuracy and flexibility matter most to our clients. So we built our processing technology to crunch terabytes of complex data in a matter of days with data recognition exceeding that of any other processing engine on the market…and to be fully customizable based on our clients’ existing processes.

What does that mean in plain terms? It means our processing speed and quality are unmatched, with complete data immediately ready for reporting and culling. It means that when we say “complete data”, we mean it. It means that all text, be it visible or hidden, along with all metadata are indexed and searchable. It also means that our software is customizable on the fly.

What does this mean for you? It means you can plan for the analysis, culling and review stages of your project to follow only a few days after your data has been collected. It means you can rely on iDiscover to adapt to your workflow and needs with minimal configuration. It also means you have a complete picture of your data right off the bat. And that means you have full insight into—and control of—the cost of your eDiscovery process.

When quality and speed matter, iDiscover is the clear choice.

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