iDiscover Pricing Philosophy

No up-front fees, no hidden charges, no mandatory long-term contracts.

iDiscover takes the pain out of eDiscovery budgeting by offering clear, consistent pricing in package format. We don’t charge for processing, hosting or project management. And our pricing is a direct response to feedback from our clients.

When our clients told us that…

  • Data volume is growing at unpredictable rates.
  • Expansion rates are growing and unpredictable (container files PSTs, NSFS).
  • Hosting is expensive and unpredictable.
  • Large reviews are complicated, hard to manage and unpredictable.
  • They are concerned about loss of document control, as well as duplication of effort and fees.

…we responded by creating:

  • Native file review to avoid costly imaging and conversion fees.
  • Charging only where we add value and not just to have data sit on our servers.
  • Pricing with flexible fee structure.
  • Ongoing benchmarking to find potential rebates, with caps to manage exposure.

Visit our pricing page to see our response to your feedback for yourself.

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